Shoulder Pain

Do You Suffer from Shoulder Pain?

If you are suffering from shoulder pain, you are probably frustrated by pain and stiffness in the joint. What you want is pain relief so that you can get on with your life and can have a good night's sleep.

New PAIN-FREE Physical Therapy treatment without surgery!

Treatment methods for shoulder problems vary significantly. Many people do not get pain relief after the following treatments:

  • Medication: Provides only temporary relief does not address the problem.
  • Steroid Injection: Pain may come back, may require repeated injections for up to three injections. This may resolve some inflammation but do not address biomechanical problems.
  • Traditional physical therapy: Treatment may be painful, takes more visits, sometimes heat and stretch (in case of frozen shoulder) does not work.
  • Surgery: Many times used as a last resort, a percentage of people do not obtain pain relief even after surgery.
  • Acupuncture: Provides temporary pain relief
  • Prolo Therapy/Sclero Therapy: This is an osteopathic technique that involves the injection of a proliferant (a mild irritant solution) that causes an inflammatory response which produces fibrous tissue.

We treat all shoulder diagnoses, including post operative shoulders with dramatic results and better outcomes. Our shoulder treatment plan is unique, pain free, and always has a predictable outcome.

How are our techniques different?

1. Pain relief after first visit.
2. All treatments cause minimal to no pain.
3. May gain up to 30 degree of pain free range of motion after first visit.
4. Steady progression towards goal of gaining function & range of motion.
5. Predictable outcome every time.
6. We are treating the cause, not the symptoms, so you will have a better functional outcome.
7. Few home exercises target only a few muscle groups at a time resulting in more pain.
8. We treat you as a whole, not just your shoulder, so you will feel good and have better posture.
9. You will have a biomechanically sound, stable and strong shoulder, so your chances of re-injuring or having pain are minimal.

How we do it?

Our method uses the body's own bio-mechanical principles to help in healing. We utilize a specific sequence of mobilizations to the shoulder joint complex, including the scapula and rotator cuff soft-tissues. We also treat the thoracic spine. Each part of the sequence corrects one biomechanical problem and puts things back into prospective. After that we maintain positions through special taping techniques. This sequencing and taping helps decrease inflammation, thus reducing pain. Our goal is to decrease your pain first then restore function.

First, we evaluate you and then we work to restore alignment, balance and mobility to the shoulder and neighboring structures, including your thoracic spine & scapula, by using pain-free techniques. Then we tape it using specialized taping techniques to hold the structures in place. This is followed by very specific targeted exercise. We will give you some home exercises to do. The process is repeated until you gain full restoration of function.
We have been successful helping many shoulder pain sufferers of different age group from a 16 year old high school swimmer to 85 year old house wife. (Both had been unable to find pain relief with other methods). We treat difficult, persistent shoulder pain with unique treatment methods. From your first visit you will feel results and find the relief you have been seeking for months or years. When shoulder patients try to avoid pain, they can complicate the original injury with compensatory movement patterns.

What should you expect from treatment?

The best way to determine if we can help you is to schedule a personal consultation. If you are a good candidate for treatment, we will schedule you for a physical evaluation. You can download our forms on line. We will need a physician's referral to treat you. After three visits most patients find their pain level noticeably improved. After six visits, they begin to notice significant structural and functional improvements in their bodies. Our goal is to help you achieve a functional, productive and pain free life!

Your privacy and comfort is very important to us so treatment is always conducted in a private room. The first treatment, including an initial evaluation, lasts up to 1 hour. It is our practice to provide some treatment on the day of evaluation so that we can control your pain. Before you leave you might be taped to maintain what we have achieved that day. Thereafter, treatment sessions are generally 45 minutes -- starting where we left last session. The treatments can include manual therapy, exercise, ice packs and taping. We may also use LLLT. We feel you should be fully informed in every step of treatment. We take the time to explain our theories and techniques while we are working with you. Your personal privacy is respected and patient gowns are available, if you choose to use them.

Patients generally realize within first week of treatment that our technique is effective in decreasing shoulder pain and other symptoms. As pain decreases and function begins to return, we educate patients in a lifelong preventive and restorative exercise program to improve flexibility, strength, lifting ability and endurance levels. Enhancement of personal and professional life generally follows as a result. We work hand in hand with your physician throughout your treatment.

If you have questions you can call us we will be very happy to talk to you.

My pain decreased with first session and I regained strength quickly. (Rosemary,Herrin, IL)

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