Knee pain



This is the way your body lets you know that you something is wrong and needs attention. Pain can originate from different parts of the body but as physical therapist we mainly deal with musculoskeletal pain.

What is musculoskeletal pain?

Musculoskeletal pain is pain that affects the muscles, ligaments, tendons and bones.

Types of Musculoskeletal pain

Acute pain:

This is resolved itself most of the time within two weeks with little or no help.

Chronic pain:

when acute pain does not resolve itself it turns into chronic pain and people are forced to seek help. Chronic pain can affect you more than just physically; it can hurt you psychologically as well.

Many professionals treat musculoskeletal pain condition (acute/ chronic pain). Some are classified as main stream/ traditional or alternative/natural. Main stream practitioners are your family physicians, specialized physicians (orthopedics, neurologist) and alternative clinicians such as chiropractors, alternative healers, acupuncturists and naturopathic. People find it is very confusing to choose the best course of treatment, medicine, alternative medicine or surgery. Which one will work best? Consider this. Are you going to pull a nail from a wall using a screw driver? No, because that's not the right tool. To do a job right you need the right tool. If our body has a chemical (imbalance) problem it needs to be treated chemically, like if you have infection you are treated with antibiotics. Likewise, a mechanical problem can only be treated mechanically and most of the musculoskeletal problems are mechanical in origin. This is the reason in many chronic pain conditions, pain medication does not work. In severe mechanical problem it should be corrected surgically.

Furthermore, pain in a woman will be different than pain in a man.

So back, shoulder pain etc. when treated the same way for both sexes (cookie cutter type approach) does not work because the pain itself is not what needs to be assessed, it's the pattern of the pain that's important. When the correct pain pattern is recognized we can not only relieve the current condition we can prevent future problems.

We are the bridge between traditional and alternative medicine.

We are nonsurgical, noninvasive pain experts.

We treat the cause and source, not the symptom which produces better, longer lasting results. If your pain condition is not being resolved and you are frustrated with your pain and the idea of surgery, in most cases, we can relieve your pain and spare you the inconvenience of surgery. No matter how old your condition is or what diagnosis you have been given, we will get results for you. You do not have to take our word for it, read some  real testimonials of our patients.

Rule of Thumb

  1. Whether you chose traditional or alternative medicine, you should get some relief after the first visit. 
  2. If you do not have lasting pain relief after two weeks, type of treatment you chose is not right for you. 
  3. Your practitioner should be able to predict your outcome at the time of your first evaluation (not "try and see").
  4.  Significant improvement in pain and function by the end of the first or second week.
  5. You should not have to do the same thing over and over while simply hoping for relief. Instead, you should be able to take care of your self after you are discharged and feel significant relief. 
  6. Try every nonsurgical method possible before agreeing to invasive methods! 
  7. Get informed! Nobody cares about you more then yourself! Ask questions too, informed patients are the best patients.

    I had neck pain for many years, after 5 visits the pain is gone. (Dennis, Herrin, IL)

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