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Wellness and Prevention Program

Synergy Wellness and Prevention Program

Live life to fullest

At Synergy Therapeutic Group, as our name indicates, we believe Synergy between body mind and spirit leads to happier and healthier life. That is our whole treatment philosophy. By the time we see our patients they already been through countless imaging, surgery and a lifetime of medications.  Our goal is to get to individuals before they go through the medical merry-go-round. We know musculoskeletal changes are predictable if we know what we are looking at. Our wellness program is designed with modern science with ancient wisdom of whole body (holistic) approach.

Wellness is more than eating well and exercising.

Traditional medical model focuses narrowly after the fact and covering up symptoms. Through our wellness program we bridge the gap between traditional and non-traditional models to make wellness complete.

To maintain your body naturally our comprehensive wellness programs addresses mind, body and spirit.

  1. Stress reduction
  2. Nutrition
  3. Find out predictable biomechanical changes.
  4. Identifying motivating/discouraging factors for success

Synergy Health & Wellness Center: some of these programs are for members /past patient only; others are open to the public.

  • Wellness Seminars/Workshops (monthly)
  • Cooking Demonstrations (healthy eating)
  • Mind body coordination (yoga/coordinated breathing/ Ti-chi classes)
  • Exercise prescription(fitness goal-setting)
  • Stress reduction (individual/group sessions)
  • Strong will (Complete exercise and wellness for cancer survivors)

What we are not, we are not another gym, and no circuit training in fact we discourage to use machines to do exercise, though we use yoga we are not a yoga studio. It is complete integrative focus on whole individual than bits and pieces or body parts.

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