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Synergy Therapeutic Group Physical Therapists in Carbondale & Du Quoin

From the start, Synergy Therapeutic Group set out to distinguish itself by offering one-on-one, customized care for our patients.

We are a group of physical therapists that care about our patients. Visit us today and learn more about our services.

People come to us suffering from either acute or chronic pain, and we know how deeply and significantly living in pain can color every aspect of your life. Back pain, for example, can keep a parent from reaching down to pick up their child in need, or keep you from doing tasks that must be done that day to ensure your survival in the workplace.

Our goal is to use non-surgical, non-invasive and drug-free methods of evidence-based physical therapy to reduce pain and inflammation immediately.

Then we work in partnership with you to help you address the root cause of the pain and prevent it from recurring in the long-term.

Our philosophy of individualized care in physical therapy in Carbondale and Du Quoin, IL is reflected in the name we selected for our clinics.

Synergy is from the Greek word, synergos, which means a correlation. It was first used in a medical context as far back as 1853 to describe a correlation or concourse of action, and that is the context in which we interpret it in our practice.

We reflect synergy in the way we work, correlating you as the patient with your physical therapist and referring physician. We also reflect the synergy and interconnectedness of the human body and in another context, the synergy of the teams in our two clinics.

Back Pain Physical Therapists in Carbondale IL

We are dedicated to the elimination of musculoskeletal pain, which is pain in the muscles, ligaments, tendons and bones. Sometimes the pain is acute, meaning it has just occurred from an injury or health condition, while other times it is a lingering, chronic pain that they have endured for weeks or even months.

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A significant number of patients who seek our care have been living with chronic back pain and have started to believe that there is no help available for them. We are proud of our reputation of being able to help so many of these people who are close to losing hope.

Through careful and precise assessment and a treatment program that includes exercises and modalities at our clinics matched with a prescribed exercise program to be done at home between visits, we soon see progress as the pain reduces and the patient starts to regain their zest for life.

Our goal as physical therapists in treating back pain in Carbondale, IL is to ensure that not only do our patients experience relief from their nagging, ever-present pain, but that they work on the underlying cause and are soon able to return to their normal activities of daily living.

It is physically and mentally exhausting to endure back pain and other musculoskeletal pain and our physical therapists are trained and licensed to treat you and restore your optimism and participation in life.

You can some of our amazing success stories in the videos under “Success Stories” on our website. These are local people from Carbondale, IL and nearby regions telling in their own words how they got their active life back through our science-based and compassionately-practiced physical therapy.

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