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Shoulder/Arm Pain

I would highly recommend Synergy Therapeutic Group for any type of therapy or musculoskeletal problems. I came this time with a torn rotator cuff of left shoulder. I could not raise my arm, had trouble dressing myself and had pain when I did use arm. I thought about surgery; however I had to come to Synergy for my back in the past and decided to try them before surgery. I am so thankful I did. My arm has recovered and can do just about everything without any pain. The help that is available here is wonderful. There knowledge of the human body and how it connects has made all the difference to my understanding and taking better care of me. Also my back and leg continues to do so good from the simple exercise program. Thanks to you all.

Martha M.

I came with pain in shoulder and lower back. The results have been remarkable. When I first came my shoulder hurt so bad I could not do a lot of yard work because of it. Now I have no problem, shoulder feels great, lower back has definitely improved also. My experience with synergy has been awesome. I will recommend synergy to anyone.

Carol H

I was in for the first time and that night I was able to sleep throughout the whole night. It's been a long time.

(Nadine, Pinckneyville, IL)

My pain decreased with first session and I regained strength quickly.

(Rosemary, Herrin, IL)

On my first visit I was in quite a bit of pain, after the first visit I felt some better. After second visit I felt no pain when I left and I was able to sleep through the night with no pain. I went to the third visit with no pain and I am very pleased. I have finished my last day of therapy and I have no pain in my shoulder.

(Gloria, Herrin, IL)

When I first came this week on Tuesday, I was in a lot of pain. That same night I was not in any pain- slept all night without any medications. I woke up Wednesday feeling the same- no pain just a little soreness. Thursday I came back for therapy was sore but still no pain. By this night I was able to reach my arms up higher then able to before at this point, still have no pain just a lot of soreness. I can tell I'm getting better and I am so thankful for what Subrat Bahinipati has done.

(Gina, Marion, IL)

When I came I could not raise my arm above shoulder level, or reach backwards without pain. There were specific things I wanted to be able to do such as raising my arm over my head to use a curling iron, and putting my arm up and under the pillow to sleep on my side. After two or three visits the pain was gone when moving my shoulder for most purposes. After several weeks I could do all the things I wanted to be able to do. The range of movement is greatly improved and there is seldom any pain.

(Clara, Johnston City)

I have had a frozen shoulder for the past several years with frequent episodes of pain. One treatment route I tried didn't relieve my symptoms so I gave up. I believe I was doomed to suffer the rest of my life. A couple years ago I received post cards in the mail advertising the Synergy Group. I read the post cards and newsletters but it took me a couple years to try this. Since coming I feel like I have regained what I was sure I had lost. I am convinced there are physical limitations that can be overcome wit there right treatment and without drugs. I would as an ER nurse and have seen much abuse of pain medication. I am ever grateful that there are other answers. Thank you Synergy Therapeutic Group.

(Edie, Pinckneyville, IL)

When I first came, my right arm was "numb" and "ached" especially at night. It would hurt and be so numb that it would wake me up out of sleep. I finally decided to see my doctor when the pain became a 9 for me. At a 10 I would go to the emergency room. I also was not using my right arm and losing strength in my right arm. After one week the tingling and numbness was gone and the strength was overturning in my arm. I had not realized how much I avoided using my right arm due to the pain, loss of strength and tingling.

(Linda, Royalton, IL)

The pain was very bad 10/10, I couldn't even put arms behind me to fasten my under garments. Had morning headaches and was hard to get up out of bed. I am so much better now. Treatment has worked very nicely; pain is now around 1 or 2, so I am happy with the results.

(Virginia, Pinckneyville, IL)

I had hard pain in my shoulder and right arm, with a pain level of about 7-8. I would take pain pills to ease the pain. In the night it would hurt so much it was hard for me to sleep plus lots of tingling in the right arm and hands. I have very little pain in the mornings (1 or 2), very little tingling sensations during the day and I sleep all night without having to get up and take any pain pills. I do not have to take any pain pills now!

(Tom, Herrin, IL)

When I first came my pain was about 7 out of 10. I wasn't able to even lift a gallon of milk due to my shoulder. There was constant pain that kept me from sleeping. After the first treatment I could tell the difference. After my fourth treatment I can tell the difference, my pain is about a 1.

(Robert, Energy, IL)

When I came to Synergy at Dr. Evans request, I was hurting a lot in my right shoulder blade area. Also my right side down at waist area seems to knot up when I tried to walk short distances. For about 3-4 years I had a sharp knife jolt type pain in left groin area which has been helped a lot. After 6 treatments I was able to walk in the mall with only one stop to rest which is a lot better than I have in a couple of years. The groin pain has gotten a little less frequent. I am finally pain free after 20 years of pain!

(Norma, Johnston City, IL)

I decided to try physical therapy for my shoulder pain when I was having some problems with some daily living activities and was also in pain just sitting a lot of the time. I had so much pain that the thought of getting in and out of the car myself or getting my wheelchair in and out of the car was enough to make me want to stay at home and sit. I had trouble just lifting my right arm to flip on and off a light switch, getting in and out of my chair, getting clothes out of the washing machine, lifting a pitcher of juice or water. I was doing as much of this left handed as possible. Now I am doing all of these things plus more with a minimum of pain, only some of the time. Maintaining this level or better, hopefully, is of most importance to me.

(Joyce, Carbondale, IL)

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