Success Stories


Since birth my son would hold his head way back and to the left. He was referred to Synergy by Dr. Churling's Office. Our sessions (twice a week) have showed to be very helpful. His condition has showed major improvement. He is now moving his head freely from side to side and holding it straight.

(Laurie, Tamaroa, IL)

My son has made tremendous progress with his letter, sound, and mathematic comprehension with Mrs. Chandana in the past couple of months. He is now able to write his name and associate the sounds of the alphabet with confidence. However, He still requires hard work to continue moving forward in a positive direction. Mrs. Chandana has also provided me with guidelines to aide in my son's learning processes.

(Anna, Marion, IL)

My son is getting stronger with his grip. He will let me help him practice more things like his numbers and letters. He also stays more informed on activities and when we are watching T.V.

(Andrea, DuQuoin, IL)

When my son started Occupational therapy his hand writing was difficult to read. He says, "My hand writing was about 25% before and now it is 85% better." His reading recovery teacher who couldn't read his writing before and insisted that he print is now talking about him doing well enough to be out of her group soon. His primary teacher has commented to him on how much better his hand writing is and is allowing him to use cursive now with his other class mates. My son is showing more confidence in his writing and himself.

(Robin, Marion, IL)

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