Success Stories

Neck Pain/Headaches

At the beginning of treatment I suffered from severe headaches on the left side. Headaches controlled my life. I took pain pills about 4 times a week but the pain would come back soon. After 1 treatment I felt much better. My headaches disappeared after about 1 hour and overall stayed away. Minor pain was treatable with "towel exercises". No pain pills taken after treatments have started.

(Susann, Carbondale, IL)

After two years of pain my neck and shoulder. Many MRI's, shots, and medication, Dr. Evans recommended Synergy Therapeutic Group. I could not move my neck or shoulder, my hands were numb and I did not sleep well at all. After my first treatment, I could move my neck and look up and down. I did not have any numbness or pain at all. I can also be more physically active and enjoy gardening again. Thank you! Previously I have also tried acupuncture and seeing a chiropractor which did not help; neither did attending pain management services for eighteen months.

(Carol, Marion, IL)

I was here for therapy as a recommendation of my doctor. I was suffering from headaches/neck pain for the last 52 years. My pain was at times 10/10. Now after a few visits I have no neck pain, few times I had headaches, it goes away very quickly.

(Ethel, Marion, IL)

I had neck pain for many years, after 5 visits the pain is gone.

(Dennis, Herrin, IL)

When I first came I was not able to function daily because of my headaches. The headaches would last sometimes for 3 or 4 days. I couldn't sleep at night either. Now I have no headaches.

(Juanita, Buckner, IL)

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