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Multiple Problems

Synergy Therapeutic Group saved my life.  Over two and half years ago, I felt pain in my groin area after running. After a month or two, the pain was worsening and becoming troublesome when sitting at my desk. Driving a car, sleeping, sitting through church e.t.c. I spend over two years battling it, going from specialist to specialists, procedure to procedure. I have tried everything and saw every one: several rounds of anti inflammatory drugs, steroid packs, two MRIs “typical physical therapy, chiropractic care, deep tissue massage, sonogram of ovaries sustained from exercise prolong period of time, custom orthotic inserts. Strength training and hernia screening. The problem persisted and at times got much worst. Because I could not exercise without painful consequence later, I eventually had to stop. Exercise had always been out let for stress relief, so other bad things crept in, plus I was miserable. Even without exercise there was a constant ache in my groin. Not one of the specialists had a clue, let alone a treatment plan, I felt frustrated, hopeless and depressed.

I had all but given up when I started at synergy. I figured I have nothing to lose. After few weeks the pain started improving and I started running again pain free in six weeks. Along the way my other issues which I had for fifteen years like shoulder/neck pain, TMJ, carpal tunnel got completely resolved. The program was simple but very affective. What I like best about Synergy Therapeutic Group is not short term relief but the long term out come. They have given me the tools to stay healthy for many years to come.

Jessica, F

When I started therapy the pain was at a 6 or 7/10. I could not pick up things, stand up a long time. It was also hard to walk long distances. After my 1st or 2nd visit my pain level was down to a 3. Now I am pain free for 3 days and I have not taken any pain medication for 4 days. I can now finally do my daily activities.

(Dorothy, Herrin, IL)

Went from 7 pain to 0 pain in 4 visits. I can raise my right arm above my head without hurting. Can ride short distances in the car without pain. The left side of my body is pain free, my knees are pain free, and my neck and shoulders are pain free.

(Linda, Pinckneyville, IL)

My shoulder and back pain was about a 10 when I started therapy. My shoulder and back are now a 0. I could not get up when my pain was at its worst but now I'm feeling very good and can do any activity. Thank you!

(Julie, Carbondale, IL)

My first visit to the Dr. was due to pain in my back, legs, arms, calves, thighs, and ankles. I had been suffering with this pain for over eight months. I was unable to walk long distances, sit for over one hour or stand for over a length of time. Since I've been getting treatments I no longer use a cane to walk, the pain in the areas I've mentioned have decreased from a 9 to about a 4 or less on a scale to 10. I am able to sleep all night since getting treatments and I have not taken a pain killer for over a week.

(Joyce, Carbondale, IL)

I was involved in an auto accident in which my right foot was broken. I had neck and shoulder pain with back sprain. My family physician recommended Synergy. After receiving therapy for 3 months my problems have been resolved.

(Darlene, Marion, IL)

When I first started here last week, I had pain on my upper back, shoulder, lower back, knees and shins. This had gone on for 10 years or more. Now I am sleeping better, the pain in my back and shoulder is gone, and my legs are doing much better after 3 visits.

(Gay, Johnston City, IL)

have had four appointments and I am doing much better. The pain across my shoulders is completely gone and I can now raise my head more and turn my head up easier. My back has eased up, too. The most it hurts is about a 3 and that is when I have stood up for a long time or did a lot of walking. It is really helping.

(Nina, Christopher, IL)

I had shoulder and mid back pain. The pain was getting worse. After treatment, I have no shoulder or mid back pain. Also I had lower back pain since 1978. It would limit my ability to do yard and play golf. With these treatments my lower back pain is improving. I still have some lower back pain but not to the extent of what I did. I can now perform most yard work without as much discomfort.

(Robert, DuQuoin, IL)

At the beginning of my rehab, I was extremely limited in my ability to move the upper trunk of my body; the lower parts (hips/legs) were stiff and my movement was characterized by shuffling. Now my overall movement is much more flexible and I am taking much fuller strides. My limitations seem to be with endurance. The longer I move about, the more pain restricts my movement.

(Greg, Murphysboro, IL)

Before, I was having neck and shoulder pain and headaches. I was taking 5-6 pain pills a day. Now I am taking about half as many pain pills and feel better than before. The pain started at least 20 years ago, but I feel a lot better now.

(Betty, Pinckneyville, IL)

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