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Leg/Knee/Foot Pain

Six months back I fall off a stool and I had a bruise on my left hip. I could not walk at all during thanksgiving time .I told my daughter about this and said I have to go to urgent care so she took me there .They gave me steroid pills and told me that I have to take them and told me I would have to take steroid shots. I know I am not going to take them so I called synergy, I told them what had happened and they told me they will definitely help me. When I first came to synergy my pain was 10 out of 10 they also they told me they could help my pain in neck, shoulder as well as back and they sure did. Not only they help my overall pain they help my restless leg syndrome which I had for long time and I am glad I came here. I never felt this good in years.

J Smith, Du-Quoin, IL

Twenty six injections, eight knee surgeries, five years of pain and one synergy visit. I came to Synergy for knee pain and knee pain is gone. Went home slept for two hours. Feel really good and did not have to take any pain medication last night. Today is my second day here. I feel really good and it works.

Marry Kay C

At the age of three pail of hot water fell on my legs below my knees, since then I could not stand any one touching it. I thought it will never get better as I am 75 yr old now.

But things changed after coming to “Synergy”, first visit itself the pain was gone after the therapist treated me .I am hoping to heal completely and be active again

Jane C

Synergy Therapeutic Group has helped me to walk properly (again) and do so pain free. My right foot is once again stable and completely functional. I am able to sleep through night without tossing and turning constantly, propping my foot up in attempt to find a comfortable position. Thank you for giving my life back.


Darla, D Carbondale

I am 85 years old and pretty much lost hope when came to Synergy. I was having intense pain in my foot and lower back for last several years, had several back surgeries, injections and been to several doctors. Nothing was helping me; I started using cane to prevent falls. I always felt uncoordinated and barely do my household work. I live alone so I have to do all my work myself. I love going to church and play piano there. I have stopped doing that. Looking at my overall condition it appeared to me as if I have no other choice than going to nursing home.

At the nick of the time I called Synergy (which office I looked at from outside for several years thinking they might able to help, but never called) for free screening and that’s how my journey to betterment started. Now I feel like a different person and almost forgot that was thinking of landing in nursing home. I feel normal which I  forgot over the years. I drive around with friends and families go to get together which I could not do for years. People even ask me how therapy can help me to look younger and make my skin glow. 

No injection, no medication just the therapy at Synergy gave me this relief from pain and freedom to enjoy my life.   I wish more people rather than feeling sorry for them self-do something about it and enjoy their life more.

I came to Synergy with multiple problem one was, I had knee replacement and my pain was 6 in scale of 0-10.Now my pain is 0 and I can do everything. I also had shoulder problem with pain 8/10 or more at the beginning after therapy it reduced drastically. I have sleeping problems with this therapy that has greatly improved.

William E Todd

Marylyn H 

Came with severe knee pain, very weak and stiff. Upon completion all symptoms have improved drastically, can do steps normally, bend drive for a length of time without knee pain and even start to jog again. Fabulous result.

Stanley G

I was having so much left hip and leg pain it was difficult to do   anything.   The pain affected every aspect of my life and daily   routines. I was much   improved after only one visit. After three visits   I am about 70% improved. Thank   you Dr. Evans for this referral!

(Lou Ann, Herrin, IL)

On my first visit I could barely walk. I hurt   very bad, 10+. After my 2nd   visit I can walk almost normal, very   little pain maybe 1 or 2. Before I couldn't   sleep at night, now I can   sleep throughout the whole night. I can climb my steps   a whole lot   better; I can also get in and out of my car better! I am so much     better. My legs do not hurt anymore. He has worked on my feet for a   couple of   weeks. They are doing much better. I am so glad I came here   for therapy, it has   helped out greatly!

(Shelby, DuQuoin, IL)

• When I started four weeks ago my pain was a   9, and I had difficulty getting   up and down the stairs. It was very   painful to do my daily activities. I   couldn't even shop. Now I am   excited to shop and do the things at home. Now I   have my pain down to   about a 1 or 2 and I am now sleeping throughout the night.

(Elizabeth, Murphysboro, IL)

• On a scale, I have a 1 if not pain free now.   Sleeping was impossible before   because pain would shoot down my leg.   That's gone now; I can sleep throughout   the night now. My posture is   definitely better. I am more agile than before. My   pain was around an 8   when I started.

(Sherri, DuQuoin, IL)

At the beginning of treatments on my right   knee, I had trouble walking   without pain. Pain level was at 7. With   each treatment pain and range of motion   increased each day. After the   second week, I noticed a turning point and noticed   a big change in my   knee with the pain level dropping. By the end of the   treatment period,   knee feels normal with full range of motion and NO PAIN.

(Jon, DuQuoin, IL)

I had pain in my right hip which caused me to   have difficulty sleeping on   my right side. My left ankle was sore to   cause me to limp sometimes and I would   also have a shooting pain down   my right side of my thigh. Now I have no pain in   my hips, I am able to   sleep on my right side. I have no shooting pain down my   right thigh   and my left ankle is pain free!!

(Kathleen, Goreville, IL)

Before coming to Synergy Therapeutic Group, I   had a lot of pain in my right   heel. I more or less had to walk on the   ball and toes. The pain was so bad I   would have to get up at 1:30 or   2:00 in the night to put ice on it. I had sharp   pains in my heel day   and night. I suffered for 6 months or better. After coming   for   therapy, I am now pain free. It is almost like a miracle. I was also   given   an exercise program to do so that the pain should not return. I   am very   grateful, Thank you so much.

(Barbara R., De Soto, IL)

I had much tenderness from my left knee to my   hip and it is already gone. I   had several muscles hurting around my   left hip and they don't hurt as much. I   think the exercises given to   me will help more in the future.

(Darrell, Pinckneyville, IL)

I was having pain and numbness in my legs and   feet. Pain was 8/10 and I   couldn't walk over 1 block without being in   pain. Now my numbness is much better   and pain is 0-1. I can walk   further than 1 block and ride long distances without   pain.

(Anna, Pinckneyville, IL)

When I started I was in a lot of pain, couldn't   even walk, couldn't work,   or even do things I enjoyed. 6 weeks later I   am feeling great and back to work.   I would recommend this facility to   friends and family in the future

(Shannon, DuQuoin, IL)

Leg was swollen, painful when I arrived.   Condition has remarkably improved-   swelling is less that it's been in   the past years.

(Kathy, Royalton, IL)

I suffered from heal pain (Planter Fasciitis) I   stand on my feet 8-10 hours   a day at my job when I heard about   Synergy and that is was a painless procedure   I tried it out. I went   from chronic pain and pain medication everyday to no pain   medication   and 75% better in 6 weeks of physical therapy.

(Libby, DuQuoin, IL)

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