Success Stories

Hand/Finger/Toe Pain

When I first came here my pain was at a 9 with numbness in my fingers. My visits here have helped a lot. At the time I have no real pain just tingling in a couple of fingers and in my arm. I have taken NO pain pills this week and I have able to do almost anything I want to do. After visits I experience some discomfort but not enough for pain pills.

(Martha, Elkville, IL)

I came with a severe pain in my left thumb area. On a scale from 1-10, it was a 7 or more. I was unable to use it comfortably. Now the pain is almost completely gone and I can use it normally.

(Mark, Murphysboro, IL)

I had a case of chronic tendonitis in my left hand and I suffered from severe pain in my right shoulder. As a cashier, my pain was affecting my work. I tried several different techniques as well as pain medication, nothing helped. After coming to S.T.G. for the first time, I had immediate improvements in my pain and the range mobility of my shoulder. I would truly recommend S.T.G. to anyone. It has changed my life.

(Linda, Murphysboro, IL)

Before coming to Synergy I had pain in both hands more so in the left on the scale of 1-10 it was a 6. After taking treatment, stopped taking Aleve and have resulted in no pain at all. I noticed a difference in my pain after the first visit and more each visit after that until I had no pain left at all. Thank you for your referral.

(Dale, Benton, IL )

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