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I have not felt this good in 40 years.

“When I came to Synergy I was having pain in most of my body 9 in scale of 0-10. I now feel like a new person. No pain nothing hurts. I am very satisfied with all treatments received. I can now stand up straight without hurting. My ears/vertigo is better too. I gave Synergy an A+. I have not felt this good in 40 years. Today is my 3rd visit.

Janet L Brown

The result I have experienced after only three visits have been nothing short of amazing. I am a stage 4 lung cancer patient with malignancy to the bone marrow of humerus of my right arm. I had two round of radiation to that arm and taken daily chemo for last 13 months.  Along with controlling cancer there have been many less desirable consequences, the fatigue I experience is over whelming to the point that I am dysfunctional.  Though I always had good bowl movement I never felt relieved, according to test I always retained an enormous amount of toxic west in my intestine. With less than two and half hour after my first treatment at Synergy, I had an absolutely enormous but not pressured bowel movement that lasted good 8 min or more and quite frequently afterwards. It felt wonderful. The day after my second treatment (yesterday) for the first time in 5-6 months I had no pain in my right forearm. What most thrilled me about yesterday was the amount of energy I had. Yesterday I had a full robust challenging day during which I felt great for the first time in many years. I am thrilled, grateful and so excited about this program at Synergy.

Kathy C

I came to Synergy because I was having paing throughout my body and a fibromyalgia diagnosis. I was having problems sleeping and keeping up with daily chores and activities. After my second visit here I am already sleeping better. I can mover around with more ease and my tenderness has decreased. I feel like I have more energy and I am excited to see what happens after a few more appointments

(Jackie, Marion IL)

I have been receiving treatments for two weeks and can see a big difference in my pain levels. I do not have constant pain anymore. My strength and stamina has improved as well. I never thought that I would feel this good again. The staffs are so caring. I love going to my therapy sessions.

Teresa Sherk

I am writing this to tell you how happy I am with the Synergy Therapeutic Group. I have been seeing them since Novemeber 20th for both physical and occupational therapy . Today was my 9th treatment and I must say I am thrilled with my treatments. When I began I would say my pain was at about a 9. Now it is more like a 3. I had no mobility in my shoulders when I began and now I can extend both arms up over my head all the way. I would highly recommend this type of therapy to anyone that suffers with fibromyalgia like I do.

(Judith, Kell, IL)

After only a few weeks my results are amazing. My energy levels are rising and I am sleeping much more soundly. I try to walk everyday with my husband and I am finding that my feet are not hurting and my legs are not screaming at me to stop. My upper body is a bit slower but much better than when I started. It's a great feeling to know that there is a future without the aches and pains of fibromyalgia because of the professional and caring therapists at Synergy Therapeutic.

(Theresa, Marion, IL)

My first visit here I was unable to walk without pain. My shoulder was stiff and painful. After my first treatment I was Able to walk out and felt no pain in my back. On a scale of 1-10 when walking into Synergy my pain was an eight, when leaving I would say it was a three. Since that time I can say nothing but positive things about my improvement. I can drive longer distance pain free. I am running and walking up and down the stairs without holding onto the wall. If I have not experienced this change myself, I would not believe it coming from someone else. The result is great! My shoulder, back and knees does not hurt anymore as long as I follow my exercise program. I am please with the outcome of Synergy Therapeutic Groups' approach to treatment. It's different but it works. The fibromyalgia no longer gives me problems. The pain in my shoulders and hips was severe. The pain would wake me up throughout the night. I sleep throughout the night now. My family and friends can see the difference in my spirit and activities. I will highly recommend Synergy. Thank you for giving me my quality of life back.
(Marilyn, Grand Chain, IL)

I was in severe pain 2 weeks ago suffering for over 5 years. Now, 2 weeks later my pain is better and I'm hopeful that it will completely disappear. I wish I would have listened to Dr. Evans back in March when she tried to get me to go to Synergy!
(Barbara, Marion, IL)

When I first come for therapy my pain level on a scale from 1-10 was about an 8. I could not sleep throughout the night without medication and suffered pain when I bend down to tie my shoes. After 2 weeks of therapy I am sleeping much better and I am on no medication, also my range of movement has much improved and pain level is down to about a 4, cut in half and at times no pain at all!
(Nancy, Marion, IL)

Before I came here I was taking 6 pain pills a day, was not sleeping well and had a hard time making it through the day. All I wanted to do was get home so I could lie down. Now I am down to two pain pills at night and able to walk four miles a day. I can enjoy my life and grandchildren every day now!
(Vickie, Cobden, IL)

I was having a great deal of pain when beginning the treatment, difficulty riding in the car, sitting, turning my head, lifting my arms and pain when walking and climbing steps. I now can raise my arms and turn my neck. I can get in and out of the car and sit in the car with much less pain. The pain level has gone way down, now I can perform all of my activities.

(Ruth, Herrin, IL)

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