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Balance Problems/ Dizziness

I came to Synergy with extreme vertigo (dizziness) and as a result, I was afraid to move, drive or carry on with daily activities. I did not understand what was happening to me and the confidence I have always had in my body and my ability to move freely was challenged.

My first visit was very productive both physically and emotionally, my vertigo symptoms were gone within a few days and I understood what was happening. The care I received here was for both of my body and mind. I am so grateful that I came to Synergy.

Susan E Barnes, Carbondale, IL

When I came to Synergy on February 7, 2008, I was suffering from a bad attack of BPV which started February 4, 2008. It was the worst case I had ever had. I saw Dr. Alam on the 4th and he prescribed seeing the Occupational therapist at Synergy Therapeutic Group and also having vestibular exercises. Before starting at Synergy I was very dizzy, had difficulty when bending to put on my shoes, working in the kitchen, doing housework, even getting in and out of bed. I was extremely uncomfortable getting up and down in church choir and did not feel I could drive. After the exercise, I am no longer dizzy. I can function normally, sing in church choir, speak before my adult department, I can function throughout the house with all duties, and I can even drive very comfortably. Each time I have come, I feel much better.

(Jacqueline, Carbondale, IL)

When I first started with Synergy I felt off balance with the room spinning with almost any movement and had a constant headache. Since coming to Synergy the room is no longer spinning and the headache is gone. I am now able to work and do my activities of daily living. (Melinda, Willisville, IL) I have been suffering with dizzy spells for over a year. Every day I have been sick to my stomach and unable to turn or sleep on my right side. In just two (visits) weeks this therapy has made a world of difference. My vision is better and I am able to wake up without feeling any dizziness.

(Staci, Carterville, IL)

I have been suffering with dizziness for over 2 years. Could not do housework and was getting worse, couldn't even go to church meetings. Now after having therapy here I feel 50% better (after 2 visits) and more active and can participate in more activities. 

(Eva, Murphysboro, IL)

When I came to Synergy Therapeutic Group with my severe dizziness problem, I was unable to function on a daily basis; I was treated two times and walked away on my own strength. I am now doing well.

(Anna K. Brown, Carterville, IL)

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