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At the beginning of my therapy, my expectation centered mostly around relief of my severe pain especially back pain. After four sessions I realized that I was improving not only my physical pain but also my life style approach to chronic worries and anxiety as well as constant stress. Something amazing happen my feeling came back on my foot which I lost it for years. Very satisfying and calming. My experience being treated here can be compared to coming out of a dark rainy night into a bright and calm spring day. Thank you kindly for all you did for me.

John Pieczka

I came to synergy a physically and emotionally broken man. After my serious injury with many back issues, fainting and delusional side effect that would cause me to pass out. After close fifty visits to specialists in almost all medical fields I got no relief. A few visits with great folks at synergy I now have a new lease on life. Now no more passing out, delusion and I am 100 % pain free. Thank you synergy for giving my life back.  

Daniel E


I have been suffering with my back pain for 13 years. I had 7 back surgeries and two total knee replacement. I was miserable, I could not sleep, cannot get out of bed, cannot walk, cannot go for shopping or dancing, there was no quality of life even though I was on all kind of pain medication as much as my body can handle. My pain was an 11 out of 0-10 pain scale. I heard about Synergy from my daughter in Colorado though I live only one mile away from Synergy clinic. When I started coming to Synergy I found relief in first week and continue to improve .Now I do not take any pain medication. Getting out of bed is lot easier now, I can go out to eat with my husband, go out on a boat to enjoy sun shine. I look forward to coming to all my therapy sessions because I feel so much better and stronger when I leave. The therapist work on my whole body not just one body part. I had no hope before now I am sure I will have much better quality of life.

Irene C

These people are really kind and professional. I came here with a great deal of shoulder pain and back pain. After only a few sessions I feel cured and very relieved to be so. For many years I suffered with this pain but it was not really necessary to do that. I would highly recommend Synergy Therapeutic for whatever muscle pain you may be suffering with. Why do it. Just come here and they will fix you up.

(Don, Carbondale, IL)

When I started this program I could not walk or bend over. My pain level was about 6-7.I have this pain for years and I was told my pain is because of I was a coal miner or old age. Now my pain level is none. The program got me away for using foot orthotics. I no longer have neuropathy in my legs. I wake up les stiff in the morning, able to do whatever I need to do for the day. I am very happy that I chose Synergy Therapeutic Group for my therapy. They treated my whole body not just my injury.

Robert R


When I started therapy I suffered from low back pain for 10+ years. Driving became difficult; twisting at the waist was difficult. I also was having shoulder pain as well. After a couple of visits pain had reduced somewhat. Driving was better, I was able to twist at the waist, and my shoulder pain was gone. Pain continued to be less frequent with a slight soreness. Still no shoulder pain! Pain had diminished significantly; still no shoulder pain and I can twist at the waist. Pain free 95% of the time, driving long distances still some pain. No shoulder pain, able to twist at the waist, pain free… Satisfied!

(Anita, Thompsonville, IL)

When I first came into the office in August of 2008 I was in very much pain in my lower back. The pain was on the left/right side and the pain was so bad that when I would try to stand up, there was a level of 10 plus pain. After about 3 visits the pain was much less and down to about a 3 or 4. There is no pain now and I can do just about anything I want to do with no problems.

(Larry, Carterville, IL)

When I first came to therapy I was having pain in my middle back that was radiating around to my chest. I had difficulty performing daily tasks due to increased pain with activity. After only a few therapy sessions, I noticed the pain began to dissipate. Now, I am pain free. I am no longer hindered by pain. Thank you for referring me to therapy.

(Frank, Elkville, IL)

My back was in pain all the time when I first started therapy, my shoulder was sore all the time, too. Now I have no pain in my back or my shoulder. 

(Charles, DuQuoin, IL)

Since coming here my pain is gone and I can do everything I use to do before my back started to hurt. Before I had to sleep on my back on a heating pad. Now I can change positions in bed without any pain. I feel so much better and would highly recommend Synergy Therapeutic Group.

 (Martha, Elkville, IL)

Before I was very tender in my upper back and had lot of pain. My pain level was at an 8 or 9 and now it is a 0-2. I had general weakness in my arms before. Now I can get out of a chair or couch easier. I can also carry stuff without fatigue.

(John, Du Quoin, IL)

I had a pain and soreness level of about 5 or 6 when I first came to therapy. I feel the pain is less and the soreness is much better, about a 3 or 4. I'm not hurting at night so much; some nights not even at all. My back hurt so bad I could hardly stand the pain, now it does not hurt at all. My hips were very tender also but that pain is gone as well. 

(Shirley, Du Quoin, IL)

My pain was about an 8 or 9 on a scale of 10. After 16 treatments when I left the office the last time it was a 0. This is after about 20 years of back pain.

(John, DuQuoin, IL)

My pain started at an 8, now it is down to a 2 and I feel much better. My household and daily activities are much easier now.

(Melinda, Willisville, IL) 

At first I had trouble walking because my sore back would not let me stand up straight. I would have to stoop over to walk and it was very painful especially going up steps. Also I have difficulty getting in bed at night because my back would hurt like crazy when I would try to lie down. I would have to lie down on my side and scream a little while. I tried to maneuver into a laying down position on my back. This would all take quite a while before I would be lying down correctly. My knees also gave me a lot of pain if I had to bend my knees very much. My pain was an 8 when I started and now it is down to about 2 or 3. Everything is much better now, very little pain.

 (Leo, DuQuoin, IL)

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