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We have developed this easy to follow guide to help Physicians and other Health Care Professionals identify patients that can truly benefit from our treatment. Over the years, many health care professionals have reported the challenges they face in referring patients to Physical and Occupational Therapy .  We have made every effort to remove those obstacles.  Please take some time to review this guide and the referral criteria at the bottom of the guide. Then click the button to the right for a convenient referral form.

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An informational and practical guide for Physicians and other referring health care professionals to assist you in getting effective, predictable, and results oriented  treatment for your female patients that suffer with chronic musculoskeletal pain issues

What We Know 

• You want the best for your patients
• You want solutions for your patients problems and conditions
• You have the singular burden of finding solutions for various types of pain patients have
• Even when you refer, you bear the responsibility of care for your patient
• You use Physical and Occupational therapy as a first line of defense
• When you refer, you have determined this is precisely what your patient needs

Obstacles You Face 

• Unpredictable  outcomes
• Poor communication from therapist back to you on results
• Patients that won’t go to or discontinue  treatment
• Patients unhappy  with results of treatment
• Difficult  referral process to therapy
• Patients return from therapy still in pain and condition unchanged
• Conflicting reports from therapist and patient on results
• Patient feels referral to therapy is a reflection on you as a Physician even when it does not help

We Remove Obstacles 

• You only need to rule out any life threatening condition, the call or fax your order
• You can be confident of predictable results every time
• Your chronic pain patients will thank you for solving pain problems they have had for years
• You will receive a written report from your patient as well as a therapy note
• In the event a patient does not get better, you will know immediately
• Fewer visits and less out of pocket expense for your patient
• Consistent reports from therapist and patient on results
• Easy referral process

Think of us as an extension  of yourself.  When we help them, they thank you for solving their pain condition.

We realize you can refer your patients anywhere for Physical and Occupational Therapy. When patients with certain types of problems are treated correctly, the results are amazing! Synergy Therapeutic Group remains dedicated to treating the most difficult to treat patient giving you a reliable and predictable source for your female patients with chronic musculoskeletal pain conditions. We are committed to making our referral process easy and our follow up reporting clear and concise. We can quickly treat any patient who has musculoskeletal problems either acute or chronic in nature. For your convenience and reference we have developed this easy referral criteria guide.

Step 1:  You as the Physician only need to rule out any life threatening condition

Inclusion criteria are any patients that have two or more from criteria one, and one from criteria two

Criteria 1 

  • Female over the age of 35
  • Diabetes
  • Thyroid Disease
  • Hysterectomy with or without ovaries
  • Smoker
  • Kyphosis/scoliosis
  • Osteoporosis

Criteria 2 

  • Multiple Problems
  • Undiagnosed  Problems
  • Problems for more than one year
  • Frozen/Difficult Shoulder
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Refuses surgery or not a good surgery candidate

Additional criteria to consider that make your patient a good candidate for treatment:

• Multiple problems like headaches with jaw pain, dizziness, shoulder or back pain, leg pain, incontinence

• Unresolved problems with no imaging findings

• Bilateral problems like bilateral carpel tunnel syndrome

• Patients with limited insurance coverage

• Cash paying patients who can afford very few visits 

After we receive referral/order, we will immediately verify patients insurance coverage and communicate to the patient their coverage and out of pocket expense/co-pay they may have. We then see patient within two days. 

What you can expect after making referral and treatment begins

• Consistent and reliable results each and every time you refer

• Consistent communication back to you from the therapist report and patient result form

• Immediate communication if your patient does not follow through  or any case where treatment is un-successful

• Your patient thanking you personally on their next visit for referring them to treatment that really works

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