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Synergy Therapeutic Group - Physical Therapy in Carbondale & Du Quoin

Offering hope to those who have otherwise lost hope!

"Do it! It made a difference in my life. I refer a lot of friends here. This therapy was pain free and it lasted." D. Martin, Murphysboro IL

Synergy Therapeutic Group operates two therapist-owned, independent outpatient clinics in Southern Illinois providing highly specialized evidence-based physical therapy in Carbondale and Du Quoin to patients of all ages.

We work to empower you to achieve your wellness goals and return to the full enjoyment of life.

We specialize in non-surgical, non-invasive, drug-free treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. We have achieved an enviable reputation for the success of our therapies, especially in chronic pain situations like fibromyalgia.

Synergy, a scientific term referring to the reality of independent elements becoming more powerful together than when they operate alone, reflects our philosophy of care.

We promote synergy among the patient, the therapist and the referring physician.

We strive for synergy in the human body, where all parts work with each other the way they are intended.

We work for synergy within our two clinics offering occupational and physical therapy in Carbondale and DuQuoin  ensuring our health team works together to offer you the best possible care and treatment.

What makes Synergy Therapeutic Group exceptional?

  • We get results faster! In many cases patients see significant pain relief after one visit!
  • Pain Free, Advanced Techniques
  • We Produce Real Results!
  • Fewer Visits
  • One on One Treatment
  • We treat the cause not the Symptoms
  • Predictable Improvements With Solid Treatment Plan
  • Evidence Based Practice
  • We are anything but traditional!We use only treatments that produce real results!


At Synergy Therapeutic Group we treat the whole human being beyond there symptoms not the body parts. Experience this amazing process by the hands of our loving, caring, highly trained therapists. All our therapists have only one goal in their mind to help you.

Book an appointment now on referral from your doctor or call for a free screening:  866-495-0086.

Your Best Choice for Physical Therapy in Carbondale and Du Quoin, IL

We take pride in providing physical therapy services in Carbondale, IL that illustrate a dynamic and responsive effort to our patients’ needs. This includes being conscious of your physical, psychological, emotional and social well-being.

From our base in Carbondale, IL our team of experienced physical therapists take the time to periodically review the latest research to ensure that our scope of practice is consistent with the latest evidence base.

As physical therapy practitioners, we are constantly studying the science of human movement as we work with you to restore and maintain your body when injury, illness or surgery threaten your ability to function without pain.

Where we practice physical therapy in Carbondale, IL, we focus not just on your assessment and treatments, but also on encouraging follow-up so that we can not only ease your immediate problem, but also help prevent it from recurring.

Our knowledge of the body and its movement potential distinguishes us within our profession. We are also proponents of assisting you to continue to manage your body and its potential weaknesses in a manner that allows you to live life to your optimal level.

Life is lived best when we are able to fully participate in it, not find our efforts weakened by pain. Let us help you get back to living your best.

Du Quoin & Carbondale Physical Therapy

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